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In this section of, we’ll present some of the best resources for writers. This will cover things like our favourite books on the craft of writing, some of the most highly regarded writing courses (some of which are free) and the writing websites we’ve found the most useful over the years.

Example articles including the following:

Best Books For New & Aspiring Writers – A run through some of our favourite books that cover the craft of writing or grammar and style. We also throw in a few suggestions for writers who are seeking inspiration.

Choosing the Right Words – An article that gives ideas about how to choose the right words (and to avoid choosing the wrong ones).

How to Write a Novel – For aspiring authors who want to achieve an ambition of writing a novel, this article gives some useful tips and pointers and helps you answer the question, do you really want to write a novel?

How to Revise and Edit – Some useful info on how to revise and edit your writing, including tips from a couple of masters.

Writing Exercises – Here are various prompts and ideas to help give you the inspiration to write your next story or poem.

Other websites we’ve found useful

Although we have plenty of information on our site, there are loads of other websites out there that offer excellent guidance, tips or information to new or developing writers. Some of our favourites include the following (note that no one has paid us for us to mention them, they’re just sites we’ve used and found useful ourselves):

This Itch of Writing – A blog set up by author, teacher and writing mentor Emma Darwin, the Tool Kit is a particularly useful collection of tips and tools that cover a wide range of subjects from point of view to psychic distance and more. – As well as running his own writing competition, writer Christopher Fielden’s site offers plenty more including critique and editorial services, writing tips and one of the most extensive lists of writing competitions we’ve found anywhere. – Although Globe Soup’s website has plenty of useful info for writers, it is on Facebook where they really go above and beyond. Their main Love Writing! Facebook group has more than 13k members at the time of writing, but the Globe Soup team ensure it is a supportive and informative environment for new and experienced writers alike. There are always members willing to swap critiques or give useful information about upcoming submission deadlines.